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Dnagé-St-Romain on River Vienne.  Copyright Cold Spring Press.  All rights reserved.
Dangé-St-Romain on the River Vienne

[ Photo © Cold Spring Press. All rights reserved. ]

Since 1997 FRANCE On Your Own has been encouraging 
and simplifying independent travel to France!

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FRANCE On Your Own concentrates on regional features,
cultural updates, and articles on places, people and pastimes in France. 

Our goal is to encourage independent travel to France.

We will offer you information on romantic and historic château accommodations,
 travel and transportation advice and news, occasional original illustrations,
 color photos, visits to cities, towns and villages in France, and insider information
to help you plan that perfect and unique vacation in France - one of the world's 
 most popular, appealing and tourist-friendly countries.


What will you find in  issues of FRANCE On Your Own?

  • a comprehensive look into the culture, landscape, architecture, lifestyle, history, towns and cities in each département from Brittany to Provence, Bordeaux to Burgundy and everywhere in between
  • useful planning advice about packing, driving, public transport including taking the train and the Paris métro, shopping, health, safety and more
  • recommended reading to help with your trip or to learn more about Paris and France
  • contact information for accommodations, dining, museums, tourist offices
  • in-depth reviews of French château bed and breakfasts (chambres d'hôtes) and small hotels for that perfect vacation
  • more about extended stay vacations at farms and rental properties throughout France
  • the inside scoop from experts who live in France -- their articles are in almost every issue!
  • upcoming events in France - fêtes, festivals, concerts, museum exhibits and other cultural happenings
  • the travel experiences that other readers share with you
  • tests of your knowledge about little known Paris facts with Paris Enigmas (past issues) and a fun game to find out the real meaning of idiomatic expressions in Twisted Tongues.
  • insight into the seductive world of French wine with our occasional Wine Report and visits to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence and other wine regions
  • original pen and ink illustrations exclusive to FRANCE On Your Own
  • beautiful color photos adding to the special flavor of our newsletter
  • articles written by us based upon our first-hand experience as travelers in France
  • contributed articles from residents providing unique insight into a country that never ceases to please and fascinate those who choose to explore its riches
  • opportunities to attend language, cooking, art and other classes and courses while on vacation in France
  • the fascinating and carefully-preserved prehistoric side of France including the menhirs of Brittany and the cave paintings of the Dordogne
  • the ins and outs of Paris from those who know it best -- our experts on the scene
  • little villages and big cities highlighting the attractions you won't want to miss
  • occasional peeks into the homes of the French as their special guests
  • little-known historic sites as well as the famous monuments and France's architecture including Medieval, its very own Gothic style and the Renaissance 
  • and so much more!
Our newsletter presents a personal glimpse into the real France and all the ways you can discover FRANCE On Your Own.

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