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                            " . . . Humanity has won its battle.  Liberty now has a country."
                                                                                                       - Général Marquis de La Fayette


L'Hermione sets sail
      for  America!

Twisted Tongues
      ~  Challenging French phrases

Ici et Là

Franco-American Portrait
~   Kirby Williams
by Arthur Gillette

Excerpt  -  Lafayette:  His
     Extraordinary Life and Legacy
  a book by Donald Miller
Secret Remnants of
   13th century Paris

by Arthur Gillette

The Bookshelf - Paris Reborn:
         Napoléon III,
          Baron Haussmann,  
              and the Quest to
                 Build a Modern City

~  a book by Stephane Kirkland

Notre Dame de la Garde, Dahouët Harbor.  Copyright Cold Spring Press.  All rights reserved.
Notre Dame de la Garde
overlooks Dahouët harbor & marina

Three Towns in Brittany

  A Delightful Seaside town, A 
Medieval Gem, and a
              South Coast
Fortress City

l'Hermione sets sail for America! Courtesy www.hermione.com

The frigate, Hermione, set sail from France for the United States on April 18th.  This magnificent, authentically-recreated reproduction of General La Fayette's sailing ship took many, many years and hundreds of dedicated volunteers to reach launch day. We were very fortunate to visit L'Hermione while she was under construction in Rochefort and truly amazed at the skills and determination of the volunteer craftspeople who were devoting years of their lives to build this beautiful vessel.

For those of you who live on the east coast of the United States or who will be there in the coming months, please click here to see its scheduled stops.  Don't miss the opportunity to visit this incredible replica produced using only the tools, methods and materials of the 18th century in its construction.  All those involved should be extremely proud of their accomplishment.  It is a remarkable testament to them and to the unbroken alliance between France and the United States.

Tip:  Hermione is pronounced air-me-yun, accent on the first syllable.
      Read more about the story behind l'Hermione's reconstruction (and the cost!) on page 5       

Look inside. . .  with a click  

>  for a new Franco-American Portrait - the life of Kirby Williams, author of the acclaimed 2014 book, Rage in Paris.

to read an excerpt from the
long-awaited book by Donald Miller, Lafayette - His Extraordinary Life and Legacy.

> and join Arthur Gillette to  look at the Secret Remnants of 13th Century Paris ~ as only he can describe it!


> for the story behind the collaboration between Napoléon III and Baron Haussmann to modernize Paris in the 19th century ~ our review of Paris Reborn is on The Bookshelf.


> and visit 3 special towns in Brittany you can't help but enjoy and fondly remember.

  Coming in our Summer issue. . .
Featuring the Lot
~ far from
    the madding crowds!

                                                                                                                                                     by Arthur Gillette

Welcome to Twisted Tongues, a French word game everyone can play.  Can you come up with the correct translation of the phrase in question?  You'll be surprised by how it differs from what you first thought it meant.

Answer from our Winter issue:  "Être mal luné".  It doesn't mean "to be a bad moon", but it does mean "Be quite out of sorts, cranky, in a really bad mood."

Phrase:     "Se planter" - Does it mean "Thrust down one's roots"?  No. Can you guess?  

Look for the correct translation in our Summer 2015 newsletter.  Have fun!

Contact Arthur Gillette to take advantage of his amazing knowledge of Paris
by enjoying one or more of his Paris Through the Ages Strolls. 
Visit our Marketplace page for a complete list of strolls and information about Arthur.
Email: pouchkine38@gmail.com

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We want to thank everyone for their patience when our last newsletter was published.  A change in web hosts at the end of 2014 resulted in some of our thousands of newsletters being sent, while others were not.  For those of you who received it weeks late or received duplicate copies, we apologize.  We've returned to our former host ~ and back to normal.  If you didn't receive the Winter edition, please click here to access it.

And, you'll notice we using a larger font in this and future editions.  Our newsletter will be easier to read for people using tablets and other smaller devices, as well as those  using a computer.  Thank you again for being a subscriber to FRANCE On Your Own!

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